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About us

The Prague-based biotechnological start-up Elphogene has received an initial investment from i&i Prague in order to implement its oncoMonitor, a liquid biopsy technology into a commercial assay for non-invasive diagnostic monitoring of patients in advanced stages colorectal cancer.

The company has been founded at the beginning of 2019 as a spin-off from the Genomac Research Institute.

Results & Experiences

We have been investigating ctDNA from patients' blood since 2009. We have experience with patients with various types of cancer (lungs, pancreas, stomach, head and neck), but we found out the best application for colorectal cancer patients for whom oncoMonitor was primarily developed.

So far, in several large research studies, we have examined more than 500 such patients for the presence of ctDNA, and in at least 30 of them, we conducted long-term postoperative monitoring of ctDNA levels.

News & Media

Press release (Czech Republic) - June 13th 2019

Czech scientists present a unique technology to detect the relapse of colorectal cancer, which can prolong patients’ lives.

Elphogene was introduced in the radio broadcast - Český rozhlas (Czech Republic) - June 13th 2019

Vynález českých vědců odhalí, jestli se pacientům vrací rakovina. Stačí odebrat krev.

Elphogene was introduced in the televison broadcast - Česká televize (Czech Republic) - June 16th 2019

Čeští vědci vyvíjejí metodu, která odhalí návrat rakoviny z pouhých několika kapek krve.

Elphogene in the article of the 21. století Journal (Czech Republic) - June 17th 2019

Čeští vědci přišli na to, jak analýzou krve pomoci onkologickým pacientům.