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oncoMonitor is applicable for patients with advanced colorectal cancer

who have experienced liver metastases and who have undergone their surgical removal.

Is oncoMonitor appropriate for you?


  1. Have you been diagnosed with colorectal cancer?

  2. Has your tumor been diagnosed in an advanced stage of the disease, i.e. the presence of distant metastases (metastases in other organs) has been detected?

  3. Was it a distant metastasis in the liver or lungs?

  4. Have you subsequently undergone surgery and the liver/lung metastasis has been removed or is such a surgery currently planned for you?

  5. Are you now being followed by an oncologist or other attending specialist (surgeon, gastroenterologist, etc.) and are you being monitored by imaging methods (CT, ultrasonography, magnetic resonance, etc.), or such a post-operative follow-up is planned for you with your attending physician in the case the surgical removal is not yet done?

If you answered YES to all of the above questions,

oncoMonitor test may be something for you to consider.

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