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COVID-19 testing: Personal data processing


Elphogene, s.r.o. is a provider of health services under Act No. 372/2011 Coll., on Health Services and Conditions of Their Provision, as amended (“Health Services Act”).


Your personal data are processed in medical documentation in full compliance with applicable legislation, in particular under the Health Services Act. Their security and protection is ensured in compliance with these regulations and in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR).


As mentioned above, your rights relating to your personal data include but are not limited to:

  • The right to access your personal data kept by our workplaces;

  • The right to have your personal data kept by our workplaces rectified; 

  • The right to erasure of your personal data kept by our workplaces. Please note that we are not allowed to erase your personal data we keep about you for the purpose of providing health services (e.g. in medical documentation) for the time limit specified by law. 

  • The right to raise an objection to the processing of your personal data by our workplaces;

  • The right to restriction of processing your personal data kept by our workplaces (e.g. until your objections are resolved);

  • The right to ask us to hand over to you or to a third party your personal data we process about you on the basis of the Contract or of your electronic consent;

  • The right to lodge a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection.


The provision of your personal data is a legal requirement and you, as a patient, have a duty to provide them just as a healthcare professional has the right to request them. Our staff require no personal data beyond the statutory duties of a healthcare professional without your explicit request. Such personal data are stored in a safe place with us for the necessary time limit stipulated by legal regulations, and subsequently they are properly and completely scrapped.

Elphogene, s.r.o. processes the personal data you provide to us before the company starts to provide you the health services or during them, and also the data accumulated for the period of the provision of health services. Elphogene, s.r.o. processes personal data to the extent necessary in relation to the purpose for which they are processed. The following categories of information we process about our patients include but are not limited to:

  • Identification data (e.g. name, surname, residence address, sex, date of birth, public health insurance No.);

  • Information about your state of health;

  • Contact details (e.g. contact address, e-mail and telephone).


We will transfer your personal data to other health care providers (e.g. contract laboratories), health insurance companies, public authorities to the extent necessary in accordance with generally binding legal regulations.

Elphogene, s.r.o. is further entitled to submit your personal data to our subcontractors with whom our company concluded a written contract on the processing of personal data in compliance with the general legislation on the protection of personal data (e.g. IT system providers for data archiving).


Protection of your personal data as well as of your health is our priority!



In Prague, dated 10.12.2020


Elphogene, s.r.o.

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